Hello! My name is Theresa. I am a person living with a brain injury. I´ve had my brain injury for three years. My brain injury is due to an attack caused by my ex-husband. He whiplashed me deliberately by making my head go backwards. The whiplash caused me to have blurred vision, a seizure, and a stroke.

I have worked hard having therapy everyday. I get speech and occupational therapy. It is extremely tiring and exhausting. I get to learn how to manage money, solve problems, and work on communication skills in speech. In occupational therapy I work on safety, as well as cooking, and driving skills.

My brother is also an individual with a brain injury. He is extremely strong and courageous. My family, friends, and I all love him.

I love myself. I also love my brother. He is such an inspiration to me. All the other people, with brain injuries, are amazing too. I feel blessed for the abilities that I still have. I hope everyone with a brain injury can get some fulfillment out of life.

I hope people with brain injuries get some kind of enjoyment out of reading this article. I feel their families and friends will enjoy this also.

Thanks for listening to my story,
Theresa, A Brain Injury Survivor

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