Advocacy literally means to “give voice” and, at BIAK, we give our voice and influence to help change public and personal policy in a way that will prevent brain injuries, identify gaps in services and needs of the survivors of brain injury and their sources of support. Our advocacy for better services has resulted in the TBI Trust Fund and the Acute and Long-Term ABI Medicaid Waivers. These waivers have been strengthened by our advocacy for Kentucky Transition and the Participant Directed Option (PDO).

BIAK advocacy efforts have also been used successfully to advocate for laws that work to prevent brain injuries. These laws range from graduated driver’s licensing, mandatory seatbelt legislation, ATV Helmets and legislation protecting Kentucky’s young athletes from suffering from sports related concussions.

BIAK also works to help brain injury survivors and family members find their voice as they seek the services and supports they require. We strive to help families find the right person and help them learn how to speak up for their needs. We offer classes in self-advocacy and in legislative advocacy. We seek to empower and help those persons whose brain injury has left them feeling powerless and alone to realize the power of working with others for meaningful change in public policy and in getting needed personal service.

Legislative Priorities
• Protecting our children through the use of bicycle helmets
• Streamlining Brain Injury Services by providing one office for state-offered programs
• Making sure the necessary therapies are kept in the ABI Waiver to make sure that persons with a brain injury get the chance they need to return to their community.
• Seeing that insurance provides an adequate number of rehabilitation therapies after brain injury


Kentucky Legislature’s Web Site. This site will help you find and contact your local state representative and senator, as well as, keep up with the progress that they are making on laws that are important to you.

Register to Vote.  It is now possible to register to vote without having to leave your home. You can also check out your voting location, learn the dates of elections and see who is on the ballot before casting your vote.

Contacting your Representatives in Washington D.C.

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House of Representatives

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